Piper TPE Sex Dolls



Piper Doll was created by Taiwanese photographer and doll designer Mizuwali, who has been in the sex doll business for over 10 years and gained a lot of experiences during that period of time, his knowledge and understanding about sex dolls is down to every single detail.

Before he started Piper Doll, he has helped WM, DollHouse168, Doll-forever and many other Chinese sex doll manufacturers design many popular models, he's still the main brain behind DollHouse168 and Doll-forever up until now.

Piper Doll was the first manufacturer in the sex doll business to come up with the seamless neck design. This new design requests the manufacturer to have higher technical skills and more experienced employees, after years of hard work, Piper series dolls were finally brought into the market and the seamless neck design has been a big hit ever since.

Piper Doll only uses Virgin TPE for their dolls, which means they will not use recycled TPE material on their dolls. Their EVO skeleton allows the dolls to have a wider movement range, this option is highly recommended as well.